Story of 1st Nobel Peace Prize !
Nobel Peace Prize

Story of 1st Nobel Peace Prize !

When A businessman arrived in a City, on the same day a battle between the French and Austrian soldiers had occurred nearby. 23000 soldiers wounded, dying and dead remained on the battlefield, and there appeared to be little attempt to provide care. Shocked, this man himself took the initiative to organize the civilian population, especially the women and girls, to provide assistance to the injured and sick soldiers. He also succeeded in gaining the release of Austrian doctors captured by the French.

Later in Old age, His Company got bankruptcy and his family & friends, who invested in their company, were also heavily affected. He could not receive support from his friends, family even from his wife & daughter.  So in old age, his financial difficulties led to poverty and loss of social respect.

I am Rishi Kumar, and in this video of “AtoZ Science” “Peace Nobel Prize series” learn about the First Peace Nobel Prize given in 1901 This year two people received the Peace Nobel Prize, one of which was Jean Henry Dunant whom I told you about.

1st Nobel Peace Prize

Jean Henry Dunant got the 1st Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to Establish Red Cross. (with one another person). He who born in Geneva, Switzerland, in 1828 as the first son of businessman family. He wrote the book based on care done in the battlefield, which contained a plan: all countries should form associations to help the sick and wounded on the battlefield – whichever side they belonged to. The result was the establishment of the International Committee of the Red Cross in 1863, and the adoption of the Geneva Convention in the following year. It gives certain right to every soldier in any circumstances. It laid down that all wounded soldiers in a land war should be treated as friends. Medical personnel would be protected by the Red Cross in a white field.

At old age, He lived in the nursing home in Heiden until his death. In the final years of his life, he suffered from depression and paranoia (heavily influenced by Fear or anxiety) about pursuit by his creditors. There were even days when Dunant insisted that the cook of the nursing home first taste his food before his eyes to protect him against possible poisoning. At the age of 82, He died on 30 October 1910, and his final words were “Where has humanity gone?”

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