What are the top 20 Discoveries of Human Era?

What are the top 20 Discoveries of Human Era?

There are countless discoveries done by Humans but in this article, we are going to Briefly know about the top 20 discoveries (according to me) of Human era. Humans have the curious minds due to which they have always searched for new things present around. They have always tried to make great discoveries which help them to live better, to understand better & to explore better.  

The standard life we are living today is due to Great discoveries & inventions happened around the world. These Phenomena occurred due to efforts of Great Minds in the world.

Image a situation where you have to live without Electricity. Most of us can’t live without these things. You can easily understand that Most of the thing that you use is due to scientific inventions and discovery. These Great Inventions & discoveries are due to great efforts of Great Scientists around the world. Some of the scientists have devoted their whole life for development of one thing. At AtoZ Science, we will know about the journey of these discoveries & will Enjoy the Story of Scientific Development.

Some of the Most important & fundamental Human discoveries occurred at the beginning of Human civilization are

1.Fire – It is First of the top 20 discoveries in our list.

2. Agriculture

Top 20 Discoveries - Fire & Agriculture

3. Iron Metal

4. Human Family & Social System

Top 20 Discoveries - Iron

Other scientific discoveries those occurred after 16th century are

5 . The Copernicum System – Sun is a motionless body at the center of the solar system


Top 20 Discoveries - Solar System & Gravity

7. Electricity – One of the most important among top 20 discoveries, which makes our life simpler.

Top 20 Discoveries - Electricity

8. Darwin Evolution – survival of the fittest.

Top 20 Discoveries - darwin theory

9. Germ Theory – One of the top 20 discoveries, which Tells that bacteria causing disease & Method to desterilize to kill the bacteria

Top 20 Discoveries - germ theory

10. Theory of Relativity – Tells about Relationship between Distance & time

11. The Big Bang Theory – The theory says that all the matter in the universe was originally compressed into a tiny dot. In a fraction of a second, the dot expanded, and all the matter instantly filled what is now our universe.

Top 20 Discoveries - Relativity & Big Bang theory

12. Insulin – It is a hormone that lowers the level of glucose (a type of sugar) in the blood

13. DNA – One of the top 20 discoveries, The discovery of DNA has helped doctors understand diseases and may someday prevent some illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

Top 20 Discoveries - DNA & Insulin

14. X-Rays – one of the  top 20 discoveries, We can do many things using X rays.  using X ray one Can see broken bones or explosives inside suitcases, which makes them useful for doctors and security officers.

15. Radioactivity

Top 20 Discoveries - X ray & Radioactivity

16. Vulcanized Rubber – Natural rubber ( that freeze rock hard & melt in the hot sun) was mixed with Sulphur & became useful.

19. Safety glass used in windshields – By mixing Plastic Components to Glass, The pieces of glass broke, but they stayed in place and maintained the shape of the container

Top 20 discoveries - Rubber & glass

17. Quantum Physics

18. Discovery of HIV/AIDS – Scientists have since developed tests to determine if a person has HIV. Drugs are available to keep HIV and AIDS under control. The hope is that further research will lead to the development of a cure.

20. Finger Prints


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