What are the top 20 Inventions of Human Era ?

What are the top 20 Inventions of Human Era ?

The standard life we are living today is due to Great inventions happened around the world. These Phenomena occurred due to efforts of Great Minds in the world. We are going to know about top 20 inventions that happened in the world till now. 

Image a situation where you have to live without Electricity, Phone/Laptop. I think most of us can’t live without these things even for a single day. You can easily understand that Phone/Laptop you are using is due to Scientific Inventions. Not only Phone, Most of the thing that you use is due to scientific inventions and discovery, Like Electricity, Fan, AC, Freeze, Water Purifier, Pen, Paper & countless things. Even our cloths, House, Food, Entertainments became better due to scientific discoveries & great Inventions.

These Great Inventions occurred due to great efforts of Great Scientists around the world. Some of the scientists have devoted their whole life for development of one thing. Some have failed thousand times to discover/invent a device. Some even could not succeed in whole life. But their efforts failure, success, everything inspired other to improve more, to do more. At AtoZ Science, we will enjoy the journey of these Scientific Inventions & will Enjoy the Story of Scientific Development.

Any attempt to count down the most important technological inventions is certainly debatable, but here are top 20 inventions those occurred in Human era:

1. WHEEL     2. Clock 

Top 20 Inventions - Wheel & Clock

3. OPTICAL LENSES– one of the top 20 inventions, Optical Lenses from glasses to microscopes and telescopes, photography, film and television.

4. COMPASS – one of the top 20 inventions, this navigational device has been a major force in human exploration.

Top 20 Inventions - Lenses & Compass

5. PAPER – Invented in China 

6. GUNPOWDER – one of the top 20 inventions, this chemical explosive, invented in China in the 9th century, has been a major factor in military technology.

Top 20 Inventions - Paper & GunPowder

7. PRINTING PRESSone of the top 20 inventions, Invented in Germany, this device in many ways laid the foundation for our modern age.

8. Light Bulb– The invention of the light bulb, has profoundly changed the way we live, work as well as the look and functioning of our cities.

Top 20 Inventions - Printing Press & Bulb

9. Engine – one of the top 20 inventions, The steam engine powered trains, ships, factories and the Industrial Revolution as a whole & Internal Combustion engine is used in modern cars and planes.

10. TELEPHONE– this instrument has revolutionized our ability to communicate.

Top 20 Inventions - Phone & Engine

11. VACCINATION– one of the top 20 inventions, The practice of vaccination is responsible for eradicating diseases & extending the human life.

12. PENICILLIN– This drug transformed medicine by its ability to cure infectious bacterial diseases. It began the era of antibiotics.

Top 20 Inventions

13. CARS– one of the top 20 inventions, cars have completely changed the way we travel, as well as the design of our cities.

14. AIRPLANE– planes brought the world closer together, allowing us to travel quickly over great distances.

Top 20 Inventions - Car & Aeroplane

13. Refrigeration – one of the top 20 inventions, Freeze, AC use the technique of Refrigeration

14. Camera – Camera is useful in clicking our images & videos, which revolutionises the Entertainment industry.

Top 20 Inventions - Refrigeration & Camera

17. ROCKETS– one of the top 20 inventions, early rockets is credited to the Ancient Chinese, the modern rocket is a 20th century contribution to humanity, responsible for transforming military capabilities and allowing human space exploration.

18. Atomic Bomb – It was the most dangerous thing that human have ever invented. Although the technology can be used to generate electricity but the one time use of Atomic Bomb has horrified the world so much that it only causes negative image.

Top 20 Inventions - Rocket & Atomic Bomb

19. PERSONAL COMPUTER – one of the top 20 inventions, Computerised system are basic of every industry. Companies like Apple, Microsoft, and IBM have redefined personal computing. 

20. THE INTERNET– It has transformed our communication, commerce, entertainment, politics.

Top 20 Inventions - Computer & Internet

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